The Import, Grid command allows you to import grid data into Fidelity Pointwise.

Note that you can also import grid files by simply dragging and dropping the appropriate file into the Display window. Additionally, Fidelity Pointwise currently does not support import of high order grids from any format.


Tip: Fidelity Pointwise attempts to autodetect the attributes of the file you wish to import based on its extension. To make import go more quickly, you may want to check our supported format tables to ensure you are using one of the extensions that Fidelity Pointwise looks for.

Supported grid file formats are summarized in the table below. Press the button to show the table. The table also shows the attributes associated with each grid format: supported format version (Version), supported boundary and volume conditions (BC/VC), and the extension of the files written out by the exporter (Extension).


Caution: While Fidelity Pointwise supports exporting high-order meshes for certain file formats, importing high-order meshes is currently not supported.

File Type Version BC/VC Extension
ANSYS Fluent .cas, .GRD
CFD++ .bin, .bin.*, .grp
CGNS 3.3.1 .cgns
CRAFT Tech/CRUNCH CFD .precrunch
FV-UNS 2.4, 3.0 .uns
Gmsh 4.0 .msh
Gridgen 15 .gg
Gridgen Style Network 69 .nas
GridPro 5.5.1 .grd
MFEM .mesh
NASA/FUN3D .b8.ugrid
Nastran 69 .nas
OpenFOAM multiple
Patran 2.5 (Packet 2, types 3 & 5) .pat
Segment .dat
Stanford PLY .ply
SU2 .su2
STL .stl
UCD .ucd
UGRID .ugrid
USM3D .cogsg
VRML 1.0, 2.0 .wrl
Wavefront OBJ .obj
Xpatch 3.0 .facet

For more on importing grid files, choose an option below:


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