File Menu

The File menu provides controls for handling the import and export of various database and grid files. Additionally, new projects, project restarts, and project properties can also be managed from within the menu.

The File menu provides file handling and property controls for all of Fidelity Pointwise's supported file types. The only difference between the File menu for Fidelity Pointwise V2022.1 (left) and V18.6 (right) is the presence of the License command, which provides options specific for RLM licensing in V18.6.

Note: The release of Fidelity Pointwise V2022.1 coincides with the switch to FlexNet licensing. The License menu item, which provides license management options for RLM, is no longer available in V2022.1 but remains in place for V18.6. For information related to FlexNet licensing, please refer to the FlexNet Licensing page of this User Manual.

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