The Save command allows you to save a current project to a native Fidelity Pointwise Project (.pw) file. The Fidelity Pointwise project file will contain all information pertinent to your current grid project such as the database entities (if any), grid entities (if any), grid preference (unstructured or structured), entity display attributes, layer settings, view, defaults, CAE solver/dimension, and tolerances.

If this is the first time Save has been used for your current project, a file browser will appear to allow you to specify the directory and filename to which your project file should be saved. If you have already saved to a project file in your current Fidelity Pointwise session, the Save command will silently save all of the data listed above into the previously saved project file. A display window with more saving options will not appear, and your project will be saved.

Once saved, the current project's file name will appear in the Fidelity Pointwise title bar. An asterisk is appended to the currently saved filename in the title bar of the Fidelity Pointwise window when unsaved data exists in the project.


Note: Several standard File menu operations are available on the Standard toolbar. The Save command is enabled on the toolbar by default and is represented with the blue floppy disk icon. Use View, Toolbars, Customize to add others.

If you'd rather save the data to a different project file, you will need to use the File, Save As command.



  1. Navigate to the top-left corner of the Fidelity Pointwise window and click on the File menu.
  2. Select the Save option. You can also select this command by pressing the Ctrl+S keyboard combination. A dialogue box will open with several file saving options available.
  3. Choose the desired location to save the Fidelity Pointwise project file (*.pw).
  4. Verify that the Save as type dropdown at the bottom of the Save window has the Fidelity Pointwise Project (*.pw) option selected.
  5. Click on the Save button to save your project file.