In the Curvature frame, you will find options to refine connectors based on curvature:

  • Max. Angle: Lets you enter a maximum angular deviation in degrees. If the angle between the normal to the connector's line segment and the normal to the underlying database curve (or analytic curve defining the shape of the connector if not database constrained) at a grid point is larger than the specified angle, a new grid point will be added in the middle of the segment being evaluated.
  • Max. Deviation: Lets you enter a chordal deviation in the physical units of your grid. If the local chordal deviation is greater than the entered value, a new grid point will be added.
  • Use Database Curvature: Causes the checks for Max. Angle and Max. Deviation to look at the underlying database curvature in addition to the connector curvature. This is a factor when the database is highly curved transverse to the connector direction but relatively flat in the direction of the connector. Used with the Use Current option, these parameters will move some existing grid points on selected connector towards high curvature region.
Curvature Frame
The Curvature frame contains controls for adding grid points based on local connector curvature.


Adjust Connector Dimension Based on Curvature