TEAM export supports 2D and 3D structured grids only. Note the following:

  • The first line of boundary condition data for each block always has the strings 'INITIAL FLOW' set to 'FREE' and 'EQUATION_SET' set to 'EULER'.
  • The additional line of data for the SOLID_V boundary condition is always output as 'TGRAD n' 'FIXED f' 'I node'.
  • The additional line of input for the MFR, Mach Number, Pressure Ratio, and Speed Ratio Inlet boundary conditions are always output as 'MFR n', 'MACH n', 'PRATIO n', and 'QRATIO n', respectively.
  • The additional line of input for the EXHAUST boundary condition is always output as ' NPR n' 'TRATIO n' 'NX n' 'NY n' 'NZ n' 'EXITMACH n'.
  • If your grid is 2D, two SYMMETRY_XZ boundary conditions will be added on the Kmin and Kmax block faces.

TEAM's grid file is ASCII, double precision and its format is described in "Goble, B.D., Raj, P., Kinnard, T.A., Three-dimensional Euler/Navier-Stokes Aerodynamic Method (TEAM) Upgrade: Version 713 User's Manual, United States Air Force Wright Laboratory, November 1993".

You must create 2D grids for TEAM in the x-z plane. When the grid is exported, it is automatically extruded in the y-direction by 1.0 unit to create a 1-cell thick block.