Pointwise for Automotive Workshop

München, Germany

Increase automotive simulation accuracy and efficiency with meshing flexibility. Pointwise generates high-quality, high aspect ratio meshes that are key to efficiency for demanding automotive CFD simulations. Interactive demonstrations and background information will show the how and why of the automated mesh generation process in Pointwise.

Increase Automotive Simulation Accuracy, Efficiency with Pointwise Meshing Flexibility

The Pointwise for Automotive Workshop is over but you can still download the presentations.

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Pointwise has been used for many years in a variety of industries. In the automotive industry, Pointwise is well suited for cases that demand high accuracy and the flexibility to use different mesh topologies to meet varying requirements in different parts of the flow domain. Examples are external aerodynamics, where automated unstructured grids can be used in complex geometry locations, and structured grids can be used in the remaining areas for more accurate, efficient simulations; and fuel injectors, where narrow passages can be automatically resolved with fewer cells using Pointwise’s T-Rex technique. Using fewer cells leads to quicker turnaround times of CFD simulations.

Recent work in Pointwise has increasingly automated the mesh generation process so mesh generation turnaround times can be decreased as well. The T-Rex, anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion technique, in particular, automatically generates layers of regular high aspect ratio hexahedral cells to resolve boundary layers while conforming to specified spacing, quality, and interference specifications. The end result is high-quality cells generated quickly in an automated process.

In the workshop we will conduct live, interactive demonstrations of Pointwise meshing the DrivAer automotive test case, and we will present technical background information about the how and why of the meshing techniques developed and honed with many years of experience in Pointwise.

This event is free to attend, but registration is required. Attendees do not have to be customers of Pointwise.

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Date and Location


14 November 2019


Maritim Hotel München
Goethestraße 7
80336 München
Room: TBD


Wednesday, 13 November 2019
13:00-17:00 Advance Your Meshing - Consultation Time
Thursday, 14 November 2019
9:30 Registration/Coffee and Snacks
10:00 Welcome and Introductions
Rick Matus, Ph.D., Pointwise, Inc.
10:15 Pointwise Technology Overview
Rick Matus, Ph.D., Pointwise, Inc.
11:00 Interactive Pointwise Meshing Demonstration – DrivAer Test Case
Rick Matus, Ph.D., Pointwise, Inc.
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Automotive Test Case, DrivAer Optimization
Uli Fuchs, CFD Beratung
13:45 Interactive Pointwise Meshing Demonstration – Intake Manifold
Uli Fuchs, CFD Beratung
14:45 Break
15:00 Automotive Test Case
Uli Fuchs, CFD Beratung
15:45 Questions and Answers
17:00 Close

Workshop Presenters

Rick Matus Photo

Rick Matus

Rick Matus joined Pointwise during its first year of operation. He leads the sales and marketing activities. Previously, Dr. Matus was product manager for the RAMPANT CFD solver, predecessor of Fluent, at Fluent, Inc. and for several years supervised and performed applied CFD at General Dynamics Fort Worth Division. Dr. Matus earned a B.S. in aerospace engineering from Texas A&M University in 1980, an M.S. in aerospace engineering from Texas A&M in 1981, and a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1986.

Uli Fuchs Photo

Uli Fuchs

Uli Fuchs, the owner of CFD Beratung, studied aerospace engineering at Universität Stuttgart until 1990. After leaving university, he worked at a company with a small CFD group using PHOENICS. Some years later, he joined the newly founded German branch of AEA Technology supporting their CFD codes CFX-4 and CFX-5. Mr. Fuchs co-founded CFD Consultants GmbH to provide CFD services. This venture led him to create CFD Beratung in 2003 and become the Pointwise distributor in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.