Let's Talk Meshing Workshop: Efficient Meshing with Pointwise

Pointwise brings over 22 years of CFD meshing experience to the table for an information-packed day of discussions and demonstrations. Our engineers will walk you through how Pointwise can be used in various industries to make CFD analysis faster, more accurate, and more reliable. Attend this free Let's Talk Meshing Workshop and explore the many ways Pointwise has become The Choice for CFD Meshing.

  • See how Pointwise increases the accuracy, speed, and reliability of CFD analysis.
  • Learn how others use Pointwise for demanding CFD applications.
  • Discover how Pointwise can help you easily deal with difficult CAD files, and prepare them for meshing.
  • See future plans for Pointwise to improve CFD analyses even more.
  • Spend time with Pointwise engineers to discuss your CFD meshing needs.


Monday, 16 October 2017


Hotel Interciti
Lilac Hall
545-1 Bongmyeong-dong
Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, TJ
South Korea
Hotel Location


09:30 Registration/Light Breakfast (included)
10:00 Opening Remarks
Youngjin Seo, TAEYANG IT Co., Ltd.
10:10 Pointwise Overview
Rick Matus, Pointwise, Inc.
11:00 Break
11:10 Pointwise for Marine Propeller Applications
Travis Carrigan, Pointwise, Inc.
12:00 Pointwise for Aerospace
Rick Matus, Pointwise, Inc.
13:00 Lunch (included)
14:00 Mastering Geometry Cleanup in Pointwise
Carolyn Woeber, Pointwise, Inc.
15:00 Q&A
15:30 Closing Remarks

*Agenda subject to change without notice.


Pointwise Overview

We will start with a brief introduction of the Pointwise software. Focus areas will include its unparalleled structured meshing techniques, more recently developed unique capabilities like T-Rex anisotropic extrusion, methods for dealing with CAD and discrete geometry, and ways to automate meshing with Glyph scripts. Finally, we will give a preview of new features in development for future versions of Pointwise and show how they will improve the CFD analysis process.

Pointwise for Marine Propeller Applications

This presentation will focus on simulation efficiency and its dependence on the mesh generation process. The aim is to better understand the relative merits and drawbacks of various meshing strategies, using a marine propeller as a model. The considered meshing strategies include hybrid and structured overset, introducing an approach for computing simulation efficiency, and exploring the process for generating each mesh. Best practices are highlighted with an emphasis on mesh quality, and the ease of surface and volumetric refinement. Each mesh is evaluated against the amount of time required to create the mesh, its cell count and quality, the accuracy of the results, and the time needed to run the simulation to a prescribed convergence threshold.

Pointwise for Aerospace

Pointwise is widely used in the aerospace industry, providing high quality meshing techniques, precise control over grid point placement, and the ability to automate all or part of the meshing process with the Glyph scripting language. We will demonstrate examples of external aerodynamics and propulsion applications, and discuss how to use Pointwise for more efficient and accurate CFD analysis.

Mastering Geometry Cleanup in Pointwise

Using imported CAD geometry as the basis for CFD meshing can be fraught with problems. This presentation demonstrates the suite of tools available in Pointwise to speed the CAD cleanup process. Complex, practical CAD examples will demonstrate how to visualize model tolerances, identify and heal gaps in geometry, apply strategies to identify and recreate missing surfaces, and determine the suitability of your CAD models prior to meshing.

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