Pointwise User Group Meeting 2018

Pointwise User Group Meeting 2018 Meshy Award Contest

At Pointwise we appreciate the beauty and intricacies of a masterfully designed mesh. We understand the knowledge and engineering insight it takes to create such a masterpiece. We want the world to see the best of the best.

Winner of the Pointwise Meshy Award Contest

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Previous Winners

2016 Meshy Award Winner

C. Bruce Hilbert and Melody Rees, Branch Technology

From CAD to Grid to Reality. The grid was created for the purpose of 3-D printing a pavilion that is on display in Cheekwood Gardens in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Meshy Award 2016 Album

2014 Meshy Award Winner

Rickard Bensow, Chalmers University of Technology

Surface mesh of the full aft ship region, view II.

The Meshy Award 2014 Album

2013 Meshy Award Winner

CRAFT Tech engineers – Dr. Vineet Ahuja, James Chenoweth, Don Kenzakowski and Zisen Liu

A low head safety injection (LHSI) pump for nuclear power plants.

The Meshy Award 2013 Album

2011 Meshy Award Winner

Dr. Michael Böttcher of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Mesh of a reactor pressure vessel showing the coolant flows, control rod guides, and perforated walls.

The Meshy Award 2011 Album

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