Pointwise Aids in Aerospike Nozzle Analysis

Based on a presentation at the Pointwise User Group Meeting 2016 by Andrea Papi, Firefly Space Systems.

Aerospike rocket nozzles offer increased efficiency over a wider operating pressure range than traditional nozzles. In this study, we compare CFD and experimental predictions of aerospike nozzle thrust for varying pressure ratios and base bleed rates.

Numerical Investigation of a Pick-and-Place Machine

by Siddhant Agarwal & Shane Hereford
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden

Students at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden investigated the performance of a pick-and-place machine using CFD. Pointwise was used to perform a grid refinement study for a static simulation where the nozzle of the machine as well as the distance to the component varied. Additionally, an overset mesh was generated for a 1-DOF dynamic simulation.

Upcoming CFD Workshops

Pointwise is heavily involved in planning and preparation for two AIAA workshops coming this summer held the weekend before AIAA Aviation in Denver. We are generating families of meshes to be provided to participants in the 3rd CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop. And we are helping organize the 1st Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop.

Mesh Generation for the NASA HL-CRM

Pointwise is supporting two AIAA workshops (the 3rd High Lift Prediction and the 1st Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop) to be held prior to AIAA Aviation in June 2017. We generated several type of meshes (unstructured, hybrid, hybrid overset, and high order) for the NASA High Lift Common Research Model that are described here.