Pointwise Teaching Partnership for CFD Mesh Generation

Use the same software championed by leading engineering companies around the world to prepare your undergraduate and graduate students for their professional careers.

“The undergraduate students picked up the Pointwise code very quickly and easily. The user interface is so intuitive and “familiar” that neophyte CFDers were quickly building high quality grids.”
Dr. Jed Marquart, Ohio Northern University

The Pointwise Teaching Partnership offers

  • 30 free teaching licenses for the same period of performance as your maintained Pointwise license
  • Supplementary materials on request
    • Free software documentation
    • Training notes from our professional classes
    • Sample grid files


Teaching licenses are available to recognized academic institutions that

  • Have a minimum of
    • one current annual Pointwise academic license or
    • one Pointwise perpetual license with current maintenance
  • Will be using the free licenses exclusively for a class.

Annual Requirements

  • Teaching license certification letter (see below)

Certification Letter

Please submit a letter on the institution's letterhead stating:

“I am a faculty member of a recognized academic institution and I would like to participate in the Pointwise Teaching Partnership during the same period of performance as my purchased Pointwise licenses.

I certify these 30 licenses will only be used for an academic class.”

Sign the letter and fax it to 817-377-2799 or email to teaching@pointwise.com.

Consider Training

Your license includes training that can help you make the most of your grid generating time. Consider attending a three-day class that covers all aspects Pointwise use, from geometry modeling through volume grid generation. The training schedule is available at pointwise.com/training.


Teaching partnership licenses do not have to be on the same license server as your academic license, but all free licenses must be on a single server.

Learn More

For more information on the Pointwise Teaching Partnership send an email to teaching@pointwise.com.