Fidelity Pointwise Pre-Release Notes

Version: V18.6 Release 6

Release Date: April 2023


The resolved issues listed below are for our pre-release build that will be included in our next major release of Pointwise V18.6 R7. These builds are referred to as “release candidates” and are provided to you because you reported a problem which they may resolve.

Please note that you may see new features in some of these release candidates. You are welcome to use those new features but note that these builds have not been documented nor have they gone through our extensive release testing process. It is possible you may encounter new issues while using them.

Resolved Issues

Release 7 Candidate 1

Release Date: TBD

SPR Description

Other Versions

Pointwise V18.6 R5
Pointwise V18.6 R4
Pointwise V18.6 R3
Pointwise V18.6 R2
Pointwise V18.6 R1
Pointwise V18.5 R2
Pointwise V18.5 R1
Pointwise V18.4 R4
Pointwise V18.4 R3
Pointwise V18.4 R2
Pointwise V18.3 R2
Pointwise V18.3 R1
Pointwise V18.2 R2
Pointwise V18.2 R1
Pointwise V18.1 R2
Pointwise V18.1 R1
Pointwise V18.0 R4
Pointwise V18.0 R3
Pointwise V18.0 R2
Pointwise V18.0 R1