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You can generate structured multi-block, unstructured, hybrid, and overset meshes for viscous simulations with precise control over point placement and clustering to get the resolution you need. At the same time, Pointwise’s core meshing methods produce cells of high quality to ensure convergence and accuracy in your CFD solution.

CFD and Feature Questions Answered by Pointwise Product Planning Team

Several new significant features have been added in our latest version, Pointwise V18.4. In this Q&A, our Product Planning Team will answer questions about the new features, the future of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and the Pointwise development plan.


CFD Investigation of LBE Rod Bundle Flow

LBE is a eutectic mixture consisting of 45 percent lead and 55 percent bismuth. It is foreseen as a possible coolant for Generation IV nuclear reactor systems. The most interesting properties of LBE in comparison with lead and water are presented in Table 1.


Gas Turbine Combustor Mixing at Cranfield

Natural gas accounts for more than 23 percent of the world's energy production. Although it is not used in airplane engines because of its large storage volume, it has become widespread in industrial gas turbines and is the fuel of choice for many to plug the “energy gap” within the United Kingdom.


CATS Probes Properties of Fluid-Particle Interaction with Pointwise

At the Chair for Computational Analysis for Technical Systems (CATS) at the RWTH Aachen University, a part of the group is working within the Priority Program 1273 “Colloidal Process Engineering” of the German Research Foundation (DFG).


Drag Effects of Heating and Cooling Cylinders in Crossflow

The reduction of the drag force on all types and shapes of objects has historically been, and remains, a major focus of aerodynamicists and fluid mechanics researchers everywhere. Aircraft, automobiles, rockets, boats, and a multitude of other devices and components suffer from the ill effects of viscous and form drag.


From CAD to CFD in Five Minutes

Customers have written many articles about how they apply Pointwise for their real applications. We have written many articles describing benefits about the features in Pointwise. However, these articles rarely describe the full meshing process in any detail.


T-Rex Hybrid Meshing in Pointwise

3D anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion (otherwise known as T-Rex) will be released soon, but the 2D surface mesh formulation of T-Rex already is available for you to use in Pointwise V16.04.


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