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for CFD Mesh Generation

You can generate structured multi-block, unstructured, hybrid, and overset meshes for viscous simulations with precise control over point placement and clustering to get the resolution you need. At the same time, Pointwise’s core meshing methods produce cells of high quality to ensure convergence and accuracy in your CFD solution.

CFD and Feature Questions Answered by Pointwise Product Planning Team

Several new significant features have been added in our latest version, Pointwise V18.4. In this Q&A, our Product Planning Team will answer questions about the new features, the future of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and the Pointwise development plan.


Turbulence Model Influence on Flow in the FDA Benchmark Model

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can be used to influence decisions early in the design process. The focus of this work was to understand the influence exerted by the turbulence model on CFD simulation results for the FDA Blood Pump benchmark geometry.


Converting Clouds of Points to a Boundary Representation

Watch a presentation given at the Pointwise User Group Meeting by Professor John Dannenhoffer of Syracuse University explaining his techniques for fitting a cloud of points with a smooth, watertight, B-spline based boundary representation. This technology has been incorporated into Pointwise to allow higher quality meshing on discrete geometry.


Mesh Strategies for the FDA Benchmark Centrifugal Blood Pump

Learn how a hybrid-viscous mesh can improve solution efficiency. For many applications, structured meshes are preferred. However, if more efficient meshing techniques are possible and provide accurate solutions, exploration of those alternatives is imperative. In this webinar, we compare solutions obtained using a hybrid-viscous mesh with a multi-block structured mesh.


Structured Grid for an Aneurysm

Beginning with a faceted geometry model of an arterial aneurysm, this webinar demonstrates how to generate a multi-block structured grid with O-H topology quickly and with high quality.


T-Rex Hybrid Meshing in Pointwise

3D anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion (otherwise known as T-Rex) will be released soon, but the 2D surface mesh formulation of T-Rex already is available for you to use in Pointwise V16.04.


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