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for CFD Mesh Generation

You can generate structured multi-block, unstructured, hybrid, and overset meshes for viscous simulations with precise control over point placement and clustering to get the resolution you need. At the same time, Pointwise’s core meshing methods produce cells of high quality to ensure convergence and accuracy in your CFD solution.

Pointwise Aids Hypersonic CFD at the University of Queensland

The University of Queensland participates in the Pointwise Teaching Partnership program. During 2010, Pointwise was used for our undergraduate thesis courses and a senior elective course in hypersonics and rarefied gas dynamics.


T-Rex Hybrid Meshing in Pointwise

3D anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion (otherwise known as T-Rex) will be released soon, but the 2D surface mesh formulation of T-Rex already is available for you to use in Pointwise V16.04.


Modeling Shipping Container Velocity during Tsunami Conditions

The risk that tsunamis pose to coastal structures is not just from the wave impact, but also from the impact of debris that is carried by the fluid flow. Shipping containers are ubiquitous in coastal locations and represent a realistic debris object.


Coupling CFD and Thermal Analyses with Pointwise

Engineers from W.R. Davis Limited and Pointwise, Inc. collaborated on a project to couple the ShipIR thermal analysis software with ANSYS Fluent® computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for more accurate prediction of infrared signatures of naval vessels.


Automating Porous Flow Meshing with Glyph

At Oregon State University, researchers in the Computational Flow Physics Lab (CFPL) are using large scale, high resolution simulations to better understand flow through complex porous media.


Wind Turbine Micro-Siting Analysis at Vestas Wind Systems

As a leader in wind energy, Vestas Wind Systems A/S, has installed over 41,000 turbines in 65 countries across five continents, and they continue to install wind turbines worldwide at the rate of one every four hours.


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