CFD Mesh Generation Consulting Services

Whether you are looking for help with a particularly difficult grid, need extra hands to get through a peak workload, or want to have Pointwise customized for your workflow, Pointwise's Applied Research team is ready to assist. We have the expertise to get your job done right because of our extensive experience developing, supporting, and applying mesh generation software for mission critical CFD applications.

Generating Meshes

Our consulting engineers have an understanding of meshing borne of extensive industrial applied CFD experience. Pointwise engineers will perform every step of your meshing project, from planning to meshing to pre-processing and formatting for your CFD solver.

Pointwise's engineers can help mesh complex geometries for you, allowing you to focus on the CFD solver and other issues. We can deliver the mesh in Pointwise native format as a starting point for your design modifications or as an aid in learning expert meshing strategies.

Writing Scripts

Pointwise's scripting language, Glyph, provides extensive opportunities for customizing and integrating meshing into your analysis process.

We can automate meshing with templates for your applications, tightly couple meshing with your design codes and optimizers, and capture and reuse your organization's unique CFD expertise with macros.

Writing CAE Export Plugins

Pointwise's CAE plugin API gives you the ability to add support for your flow solver and have grid and boundary condition files exported in its native format.

We can assist you with your development of a plugin or we can write a plugin for you given your flow solver's file format specifications.

Customizing the Software

Your organization may have specific requirements for meshing, including the ability to import and export proprietary file formats. Pointwise can apply its extensive meshing software development experience to tailor our software to your requirements. Our experience combines in-depth knowledge of advanced meshing techniques with a practical focus coming from years of solving real engineering problems on schedule and within budget.

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