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rtCaepSupportData.h File Reference

Defines Support Data for the CAEP_RTITEM Array. More...

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Detailed Description

Defines Support Data for the CAEP_RTITEM Array.

The file rtCaepSupportData.h defines and initilizes the support data for the global CAEP_RTITEM caepRtItem[] array. The CAE Plugin SDK uses this data to implement the functions and behaviors required by the Pointwise CAE Plugin API Specification (CAEP-API). If you want to see the SDK implementation details, look in the /shared/CAEP/apiCAEP.cxx file.

The SDK file /shared/CAEP/apiCAEP.cxx includes rtCaepSupportData.h prior to the declaration of the caepRtItem[] array as shown below.

// impl-defined CAE format data
# include "rtCaepInitItems.h"

When copied from the src/plugins/templates/CAEP/ folder to your plugins project folder, rtCaepSupportData.h will contain the support data needed for the 3 example CAEP_RTITEM array items. This example support data must be culled and edited as needed for your plugin's implementation.

The support data used by the CAE Plugin SDK includes the following:

These support arrays are referenced in rtCaepInitItems.h to initialize the corresponding data members.

Example Support Data Usage

The code segments below show how the example support data is implemented by the SDK in the rtCaepSupportData.h and rtCaepInitItems.h template files.

The example support data declaration and initialization in rtCaepSupportData.h:

CAEP_BCINFO CaeXxxxxBCInfo[] = {
{ "inflow-CaeXxxxx", 100 },
{ "outflow-CaeXxxxx", 101 },
{ "wall-CaeXxxxx", 102 },
CAEP_VCINFO CaeXxxxxVCInfo[] = {
{ "viscous-CaeXxxxx", 200 },
{ "invisid-CaeXxxxx", 201 },
const char *CaeXxxxxFileExt[] = {
\skipline };

The support data referenced as initilizers in rtCaepInitItems.h:

/*== CAEP_BCINFO* pBCInfo; -- array of format BCs or NULL */
/*== PWP_UINT32 BCCnt; -- # format BCs */
CaeXxxxxBCInfo, /* CAEP_BCINFO* */
ARRAYSIZE(CaeXxxxxBCInfo), /* PWP_UINT32 BCCnt */
/*== CAEP_VCINFO* pVCInfo; -- array of format VCs or NULL */
/*== PWP_UINT32 VCCnt; -- # format VCs */
CaeXxxxxVCInfo, /* CAEP_VCINFO* pVCInfo */
ARRAYSIZE(CaeXxxxxVCInfo), /* PWP_UINT32 VCCnt */
/*== const char** pFileExt; -- array of valid file extensions */
/*== PWP_UINT32 ExtCnt; -- # valid file extensions */
CaeXxxxxFileExt, /* const char **pFileExt */
ARRAYSIZE(CaeXxxxxFileExt), /* PWP_UINT32 ExtCnt */

Definition in file rtCaepSupportData.h.