Plugins integrate with the Pointwise user interface to export CAE files.

Plugins integrate with the Pointwise user interface to export CAE files.

Pointwise Webcast Will Introduce Plugins for CAE Software Compatibility

FORT WORTH, TX (27 May 2015) - Pointwise will host a Let's Talk Meshing webcast on 10 June at 10 a.m. CDT (GMT -5) during which we will describe how to write a CAE plugin for Pointwise that exports meshes to your custom file format. After the video launch, from 11 a.m. to noon, our plugin expert will be available online to answer your questions.

In this Let's Talk Meshing webcast, we present an introduction to writing a Pointwise plugin using the CAE plugin software development kit (SDK). The SDK is an application programming interface (API) that you can use to program Pointwise to export your mesh to your solver-specific format. Plugins written using the SDK integrate seamlessly into the Pointwise user interface and can also be accessed using Glyph, our scripting language.

During the webcast we will share information on

  • Best practices for creating your SDK environment
  • References and techniques for determining the relevant SDK commands and syntax
  • Downloading, installing and configuring the SDK
  • Creating a plugin project
  • Accessing Pointwise's grid model
  • Building and distributing your plugin

Details on the video release and Q&A participation can be found at

Participation in the Q&A session can be done in three ways:

Please note that YouTube, Twitter and CFD Online require users to have an account with their respective services.

The event will be hosted by David Garlisch, a member of the Pointwise product development team.

Let's Talk Meshing events encompass various communication channels, including interactive forums, webinars and webcasts, that inform and equip Pointwise users. To find out about our current events or to peruse recordings from past events, please go to

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