Pointwise Working with USAF to Improve Overset Meshing

FORT WORTH, TX (12 May 2009) – Pointwise has contracted to work with the U.S. Air Force to improve overset meshing as part of the Air Force's Small Business Innovation Research program, according to Nick Wyman, Pointwise's director of Applied Research. Pointwise's Applied Research Group will work with the Arnold Engineering Development Center to couple Pointwise's state of the art meshing tools with production overset grid assembly software.

"We are pleased to be working on this project because the new overset capability will have immediate application in a wide variety of engineering simulations and will significantly reduce the time to complete the simulations," said Wyman. "This is a prime example of Pointwise's Applied Research Group actively fulfilling its goal of partnering with companies and government organizations to improve Pointwise's products."

The goal of the work is to decrease by 50 percent the manpower required for grid generation and assembly processes for computational fluid dynamics applications, particularly those involving complex configurations and moving bodies.

Overset meshing is an enabling technology for the types of simulations the U.S. Air Force is required to perform when validating the latest aircraft designs. Although overset flow solvers are a relatively mature technology, overset meshing tools have not kept pace with the extreme growth in complexity and size of today's simulations.

Merging Pointwise's meshing tools with overset grid assembly software will reduce what has become a bottleneck in the simulation process and will allow users to perform operations traditionally relegated to eclectic suites of applications.

For more information about the Pointwise Applied Research Group, contact Nick Wyman at 800-4PTWISE or research@pointwise.com.

This work is sponsored by Arnold Engineering Development Center, Air Force Materiel Command and the USAF.

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