Steve Karman to be Visiting Researcher at Pointwise This Summer

FORT WORTH, TX (29 April 2008) – Pointwise announces that Dr. Steve L. Karman Jr. of the SimCenter: National Center for Computational Engineering at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga will spend a month at Pointwise's Fort Worth, Texas headquarters as this summer's visiting researcher.

"We are excited to have a researcher of Dr. Karman's caliber working with us this summer," said Dr. John P. Steinbrenner, Pointwise's vice president of research and development. "His unique insight and experiences in the fields of computational fluid dynamics and mesh generation should have dramatic impacts on our technology."

Dr. Karman will work closely with Mr. Nick Wyman, director of applied research, and consult and develop software in the fields of hybrid mesh generation, mesh data exchange, and parallel computing.

Pointwise established the Visiting Researcher Program in 2007 in order to develop closer ties with academia and the research community, to leverage their expertise for the betterment of Pointwise's technology and products, and to invigorate the exchange of ideas within the company.

Dr. John F. Dannenhoffer of Syracuse University spent a month with Pointwise in the summer of 2007 and summarizes his experience this way: "The experience was a very positive one, both for me and the Pointwise team. I experienced a software development process that focuses on delivering an excellent product to their users, both in the near term and in the future. And Pointwise had the basis of a capability that users have been requesting for many years. If Pointwise contacts you and asks you to spend a month in Fort Worth, jump at the chance! The experience will be a very rewarding one indeed."

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