Pointwise/Intelligent Light Aerospace Client Briefing

11 January 2005 in Reno, Nevada

FORT WORTH, TX (16 November 2004) – The 8th Annual Pointwise/Intelligent Light Aerospace Client Briefing and breakfast will be held 11 January 2005 at the Reno Hilton in Reno, Nevada in conjunction with the AIAA's 43rd Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit. Sign-up is available on-line at www.pointwise.com/reno.

John Chawner, Pointwise's President, and Steve Legensky, Intelligent Light's Founder and General Manager, are inviting their clients to join them for this annual event. Recent advances in Gridgen and FIELDVIEW will be presented as well as an inside look at future plans focused on helping you meet the challenges of applied CFD within a design environment.

In depth demonstrations of Gridgen and FIELDVIEW will be held in the Exhibit Hall, Booth 101. Be sure to come by throughout the week and see what's new in FIELDVIEW and Gridgen.

Pointwise, Inc. is solving the top problem facing engineering analysts today: mesh generation for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Gridgen runs on Unix, Linux, and Windows; generates structured, unstructured, and hybrid grids; and interfaces with CFD solvers such as Fluent, STAR-CD, and CFX as well as many neutral formats like CGNS (www.cgns.org). Large manufacturing firms and research organizations worldwide rely on Gridgen as their complete preprocessing toolkit. Further information on Gridgen can be obtained from Pointwise's web site, www.pointwise.com.

Intelligent Light has been serving the needs of the scientific and engineering communities with leading-edge software and services since 1984. Through a worldwide distribution and support network, the company provides products and services in visualization, interactive graphics, engineering post-processing, and data analysis. More information is available on Intelligent Light's web site at http://www.ilight.com.

Pointwise and Gridgen are registered trademarks of Pointwise, Inc. FIELDVIEW is a trademark of Intelligent Light. All other trademarks are property of their respective owner.