Gridgen Version 15.05 Released

New Port Available for HP-UX 11 on Itanium

FORT WORTH, TX (3 September 2004) – Pointwise, Inc. released Gridgen Version 15.05 today. This latest maintenance release of our CFD meshing software features a new port to HP's Itanium-based workstations running HP-UX 11 and expanded Native CAD Reader Support.

Gridgen has long supported HP-UX on the PA-RISC® architecture and customers have also been running that version on Itanium® systems. However, to take full advantage of the performance gains of the Itanium processor, Pointwise is now creating a native Itanium version. These performance enhancements are especially important to customers like Advantage CFD, a consultancy firm providing CFD services to the motorsports industry and other highly competitive businesses. Says Dr. Rob Lewis, Chief Engineer at Advantage CFD, "Itanium platform allows us to access large amounts of memory with significant compute power. By running Gridgen, we are able to build large models on a workstation in a fraction of the time it took on our older, large shared memory machines."

Gridgen's Native CAD Readers provide the capability to read geometry data from the CAD system's native file formats without using a CAD system license. Pro/ENGINEER® Wildfire 2 and Unigraphics® NX 2 are now supported.

The features above are the most significant of the 86 enhancements featured in Gridgen Version 15.05. In addition to defect corrections, the tetrahedral mesher has been tuned for faster run times and several new utility scripts have been added.

Pointwise's Gridgen software is solving the top problem facing engineering analysts today: mesh generation for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Gridgen runs on Unix, Linux, and Windows; generates structured, unstructured, and hybrid grids; and interfaces with CFD solvers such as Fluent, STAR-CD, and CFX as well as many neutral formats like CGNS ( Large manufacturing firms and research organizations worldwide rely on Gridgen as their complete preprocessing toolkit. Further information on Gridgen can be obtained from Pointwise's web site,

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