Pointwise Releases Gridgen Version 15

Features Layer Manager & Enhanced Hybrid Meshing

FORT WORTH, TX (2 June 2003) – Pointwise, Inc. began shipping Gridgen Version 15, the latest release of its meshing and preprocessing software for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), today to customers worldwide.

One major suite of new features is focused on minimizing the user's interaction with large and complex meshes. Specific tools include a CAD-style layer manager, pick masks, and grid groups. “As CFD has matured, so has the sophistication of our customers”, said John Chawner, Pointwise's president. ‘They are applying CFD to ever larger and more complex geometries, and the tools in V15 will ensure that geometric complexity doesn't spill over to the meshing process itself.”

A second suite of new features includes enhancements to Gridgen's hybrid meshing capabilities, specifically the extrusion of near-wall prism layers. Re-extrusion is a new tool for continuing the extrusion process for a mesh, including complete recall of all attributes and the ability to back-up the extrusion as well as continuing forward. Also, a new quality-based smoothing technique has been shown to increase the number of extrusion steps by a factor of two, and the extrusion distance by a factor of three or four. Dr. John Steinbrenner, Pointwise's Vice President of Research and Development, stated “Hybrid meshing combines the convenience of unstructured meshing with the viscous resolution required for accurate CFD and customers will see continuing advancements in Gridgen's support for this capability in the future.”

A complete list of new features in Gridgen Version 15 (including new Native CAD Readers, improved solver interfaces, and expanded GridgenGlyph scripting) may be found on the Pointwise website at www.pointwise.com.

Pointwise, Inc. is solving the top problem facing engineering analysts today: mesh generation for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Gridgen runs on Unix, Linux, and Windows; generates structured, unstructured, and hybrid grids; and interfaces with CFD solvers such as Fluent, STAR-CD, and CFX as well as many neutral formats like CGNS (www.cgns.org). Large manufacturing firms and research organizations worldwide rely on Gridgen as their complete preprocessing toolkit. Further information on Gridgen can be obtained from Pointwise's website, www.pointwise.com.

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