New Gridgen Release Saves Analysis Time With Automatic Geometry Cleanup

FORT WORTH, TX (24 January 2000) – Pointwise today released Gridgen Version 13.3, the latest version of its popular CFD and FEA preprocessing software. This version adds automatic geometry cleanup and a wider variety of grid elements.

Gridgen's automatic geometry cleanup saves engineers time by relieving them of hours spent at a workstation manually removing gaps and overlaps in a CAD model so that it is suitable for analysis. Instead, the CAD model is meshed and Gridgen automatically merges adjacent mesh surfaces that are within a user-specified tolerance, effectively meshing over gaps in the CAD model. Mesh merging may also be performed interactively to account for gaps that vary in size across the model.

Using this technique, the geometry cleanup and triangular surface grid generation for the sport utility vehicle shown here can be completed in less than 15 minutes. Manual repair would take hours, if not days.

Also new in Gridgen V13.3 are prism and pyramid grid elements. Prism elements are extruded from a triangular surface grid (shown in yellow in the sport utility vehicle above) to provide fine resolution of flow gradients, such as the boundary layer along an exterior surface. Pyramid elements are used to interface between hexahedral and tetrahedral cells. With these new element types, Gridgen can generate high quality grids for even more complex shapes.

Gridgen is known for its:

  • highly usable, interactive interface using OpenGL® graphics, on Windows® and Unix®,
  • geometry modeling tools, robust IGES import, and fault-tolerant gridding methods that let analysts work effectively with large and less-than-perfect geometry models,
  • automated and richly featured gridding methods that allow users to create good grids right from the start,
  • FREE Gridgen training (both basic and advanced) for all clients, and
  • filters to export grid and boundary conditions data formatted for use with a wide variety of analysis software including FIELDVIEW, NASTRAN, PATRAN, UCD, VRML, STL, ADPAC, CFDSHIP, CFX-4, CFX-5, COBalt, FDNS, UNIC, FLUENT, GASP, GUST, INCA, NPARC, OVERFLOW, PHOENICS, SCRYU, STAR-CD, TASCflow, TEAM, TETREX, VSAERO, and WIND.

Concurrent with the Gridgen V13.3 release, Pointwise announced a free training program for Gridgen customers. Anyone holding a current Gridgen license or software maintenance agreement can attend Gridgen training at Pointwise's offices at no charge.

Pointwise, Inc. is solving the number one problem facing engineering analysts today: mesh generation for CFD and FEA. They do this by being a premier supplier of grid generation software and services centered around the Gridgen software product. Gridgen software is currently in use at hundreds of sites around the world including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories, Allison Engine Company, General Dynamics, NASA, Navy, Army, and Air Force Labs, and Raytheon. In addition to developing, supporting, and marketing the Gridgen product family, the company is involved in numerous research and software development projects related to numerical grid generation. Further information on Gridgen can be obtained from Pointwise's World Wide website,

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