Pointwise And Geometricon To Collaborate On Unstructured Grid Generation Software

Geometricon's tetrahedral mesher to be integrated into Pointwise's Gridgen software

RENO, NV (12 January 1998) – Pointwise, Inc. and Geometricon, L.L.C. announced today at the American Insititute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 36th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit that they have agreed to work together to develop grid generation software for computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis preprocessing. Under the terms of the agreement, Pointwise will incorporate Geometricon's tetrahedral mesh generation software into Gridgen, Pointwise's popular preprocessing software. Gridgen will then be capable of generating structured and unstructured grids on complex CAD geometries.

"We are excited to be working with Geometricon," said John Chawner, Pointwise's president. "Pointwise is a leader in the field of structured, or hexahedral, grid generation, but we are new to the unstructured arena. Dr. Timothy Baker, Geometricon's president, has long been recognized as a leading researcher in unstructured grid generation. Together we have the experience and talent to move ahead in all areas of three-dimensional analysis preprocessing."

"Gridgen is an outstanding software product that is widely used by the fluid dynamics and finite element communities", said Tim Baker. "We view this agreement as an excellent opportunity to give engineers the option of both structured and unstructured mesh generation within Gridgen's user friendly and dependable software environment."

Gridgen is used by engineers and scientists to construct meshes for use with computational fluid dynamics and finite-element analysis software. In use since 1984, it is recognized for its easy-to-use graphical interface and for giving its users fine control of grid spacing, orthogonality, and smoothness, all of which affect the accuracy of analysis results. Gridgen is a complete preprocessing toolkit that includes geometry modeling, IGES import, grid generation, and direct interfaces to software packages including CFX, FLUENT, FLUENT/UNS, GASP, NPARC, RAMPANT, TASCflow, STAR-CD, PATRAN, and NASTRAN.

Geometricon, L.L.C. is a software company jointly owned and operated by Timothy Baker and John Vassberg. In addition to the tetrahedral mesh generator GTO (Generation of Tetrahedra and Optimization), Geometricon plans to develop further software modules to carry out other tasks of an essentially geometric nature, including mesh generation and CAD related tasks.

Pointwise, Inc. is a premier supplier of grid generation software and services for the computational analysis community. In addition to developing, supporting, and marketing the Gridgen product family, the company is involved in numerous research and software development projects related to numerical grid generation. Further information on Gridgen can be obtained from Pointwise's World Wide Web site, www.pointwise.com.

CFX and TASCflow are trademarks of AEA Technology. FLUENT, FLUENT/UNS, and RAMPANT are trademarks of Fluent, Inc. GASP is a trademark of Aerosoft, Inc. STAR-CD is a trademark of Computational Dynamics. PATRAN and NASTRAN are registered trademarks of MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation.