Pointwise Schedules 1998 Gridgen Training Courses

FORT WORTH, TX (22 December 1997) – Pointwise today announced the 1998 schedule for Gridgen Training Courses to be held in its Dallas/Fort Worth area offices. Five two-day courses are scheduled with greater frequency in the latter half of the year.

  • March 10-11
  • June 9-10
  • August 11-12
  • October 13-14
  • December 8-9

"Our Gridgen training course provides an excellent learning opportunity for both new and experienced users--new users can pick up the basic Gridgen skills necessary to get started, while experienced users can get up-to-speed on all the new features in the latest release." said Erick Gantt, Pointwise's customer support manager. " More importantly, the Pointwise staff can establish a rapport with our training attendees that will form the basis of our ongoing support relationship."

The two day training course is taught by members of the Pointwise staff who have years of Gridgen development and application experience. It comprises both lecture and hands-on sessions. During the lecture sessions the instructors describe and demonstrate in detail all aspects of Gridgen's operation from how to use the user interface to exporting the final volume grid formatted for specific CFD analysis software. A bound volume containing the lecture notes is provided to each attendee. Interspersed throughout the lectures are hands-on sessions in which the instructors coach the attendees through the construction of one or more grids.

The fee for the two day training course is $1500 per person. A discounted fee of $1000 is available for attendees from recognized academic institutions. The fee for additional days of one-on-one training is $1000 per day. Because of the hands-on nature of the training, attendance is limited.

Gridgen Training Courses are also available at customer sites for up to 25 attendees for $10,500. The course logistics, including workstations, are the responsibility of the customer.

To reserve a spot in the Gridgen Training Course of your choice please contact Pointwise at (888) GRIDGEN or (817) 377-2807 or submit our More Info form.

Pricing and Schedule Subject to Change Without Notice