Pointwise Releases Gridgen For Dec

All 3D graphics adapters supported with OpenGL®

FORT WORTH, TX (8 September 1997) – Pointwise today released a version of their popular numerical grid generation software, Gridgen, for Digital®AlphaStation® workstations from Digital Equipment Corporation. Gridgen, which relies heavily on interactive, 3D graphics for display and construction of complex models, is widely used in the aerospace industry.

Gridgen was originally developed for Silicon Graphics ® workstations. For porting to other workstations, it was rewritten to use OpenGL ®, the standard graphics application programming interface. All of the functionality of the Silicon Graphics version is included in the Digital version of Gridgen. It works with all 3D graphics adapters for Digital AlphaStations.

Gridgen is used by engineers and scientists to construct meshes for use with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite-element analysis (FEA) software. In use since 1984, it is recognized for its coherent graphical interface and for giving its users fine control of grid spacing, orthogonality, and smoothness, all of which affect the accuracy of analysis results. Gridgen is a complete preprocessing toolkit that includes geometry modeling, IGES import, grid generation, and direct interfaces to software packages including TEAM, NPARC, VSAERO, INCA, GASP, CFX, FLUENT, FLUENT/UNS, RAMPANT, TASCflow, STAR-CD, Phoenics, PATRAN, and NASTRAN.  Gridgen v12 is available for Digital Equipment Corp, Silicon Graphics, Hewlett-Packard and IBM workstations.

Pointwise, Inc. is a premier supplier of grid generation software and services for the computational analysis community.  In addition to developing, supporting, and marketing the Gridgen product family, the company is involved in numerous research and software development projects related to numerical grid generation.  Further information on Gridgen can be obtained from Pointwise's World Wide Web site, www.pointwise.com.

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