Pointwise Schedules 1997 Training Courses

BEDFORD, TX (11 December 1996) – Pointwise today announced the 1997 schedule for Gridgen Training Courses to be held in its Dallas/Fort Worth area offices. Four two-day courses are scheduled, one per quarter.

  • March 11-12
  • June 10-11
  • September 09-10
  • December 09-10

"Gridgen is not just a product, it's a client-focused service," said Rick Matus, Pointwise's vice president. "That service includes support, maintenance, and training. Training is probably the most important because it lays the groundwork for a long-term relationship with the client. And after only two days of training new clients are ready to begin building moderately complex grids."

Attending a Gridgen Training Course is the best way for new users to rapidly come up to speed on Gridgen. Experienced users also find the courses a great way to learn about the software's new and/or advanced productivity tools that they can exploit. Experienced users may also bring their own geometry models to get help on specific grid generation challenges. Even prospective users find attending a training course useful because it's a great way to begin an evaluation of Gridgen.

The two day training course comprises both lecture and hands-on sessions. During the lecture sessions the instructors describe and demonstrate in detail all aspects of Gridgen's operation from how to use the user interface to exporting the final volume grid formatted for specific CFD analysis software. A bound volume containing the lecture notes is provided to each attendee. Interspersed throughout the lectures are hands-on sessions in which the instructors coach the attendees through the construction of one or more grids.

The fee for the two day training course is $1,500 per person. A discounted fee of $1,000 is available for attendees from recognized academic institutions. A training credit, good for one person's attendance at one course, is included with each Gridgen Version 11 license. The fee for additional days of personalized training and/or consulting is $1,000 per day. Because of the hands-on nature of the training, attendance is limited.

Gridgen Training Courses are also available at customer sites for up to 25 attendees. The on-site course fee is $10,500 including travel expenses incurred by two instructors. The course logistics, including workstations, are the responsibility of the customer.

To reserve a spot in the Gridgen Training Course of your choice please contact Pointwise at (888)-GRIDGEN or (817) 377-2807 or submit our "More Info" form.

Gridgen is used by engineers and scientists to construct meshes for use with CFD and finite-element analysis software. In use since 1984, it is recognized for its coherent graphical interface and for giving its users fine control of grid spacing, orthogonality, and smoothness, all of which affect the accuracy of analysis results. Gridgen is a complete preprocessing toolkit that includes geometry modeling, IGES import, grid generation, and direct interfaces to software packages including TEAM, NPARC, VSAERO, INCA, GASP, CFX, FLUENT, and TASCflow. Gridgen Version 11 is available for Silicon Graphics®, Hewlett-Packard®, and IBM® workstations.

Pointwise, Inc. is a premier supplier of grid generation software and services for the computational analysis community. In addition to developing, supporting, and marketing the Gridgen product family, the company is involved in numerous research and software development projects related to numerical grid generation. Further information on Gridgen can be obtained from Pointwise's World Wide Web home page www.pointwise.com.