Pointwise Releases Gridgen Version 11

First Internationally Available Gridgen Release

Interfaces with CFX

BEDFORD, TX (16 January 1996) – Pointwise today announced the release of Gridgen Version 11, the latest revision of its grid generation software product. This is the first version of Gridgen available outside the United States. Included in v11 are support for Hewlett-Packard ® workstations and a direct interface to AEA Technology's CFX (formerly CFDS-FLOW3D) computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software.

"Gridgen has a global reputation, which has spread by word of mouth since its inception in 1984." said John Chawner, Pointwise's president. "This international interest resulted in a demand for the software outside the U.S. that we could not satisfy due to export restrictions. Version 11 was completely rewritten for export while retaining the easy-to-use interface and high degree of grid control that make Gridgen popular. We are pleased to be able to now offer Gridgen to customers worldwide to satisfy that pent-up demand."

Gridgen Version 11 includes a direct interface to the CFX CFD software package. When a Gridgen user selects the CFX output option, they can set CFX boundary conditions and multiple block grid connectivity directly in Gridgen. The menus include all allowable CFX boundary condition types presented in CFX terminology so that they are familiar to CFX users. Gridgen writes the CFX file format directly.

AEA Technology's CFX, formerly called CFDS-FLOW3D, is uniquely suited for providing solutions to CFD problems which involve both complex physics (such as multiphase, chemical reaction and anisotropic turbulence) and complex geometries. The topologically unstructured grid may also contain sliding, deforming and rotating components. In addition to the tremendous flexibility afforded by this combination, thousands of users worldwide enjoy the benefits of using software developed and tested by the world's most experienced and quality oriented commercial CFD supplier. CFX is the first CFD code to be developed, tested and supported under ISO9001 quality assurance standards.

Gridgen is used by engineers and scientists in the preparation of quadrilateral and hexahedral meshes for use with CFD and other numerical analysis software. It is recognized for ease of use with its clean, well-managed graphical user interface and for the high quality grids that it produces. Gridgen is a complete toolkit that includes geometry modeling, grid generation, and direct interfaces for many analysis software packages including TEAM, NPARC, VSAERO ©, INCATM, GASP, and CFX. Gridgen v11 is available for Silicon Graphics ® and Hewlett-Packard ® workstations.

Pointwise, Inc. is a premier supplier of grid generation software and services for the computational analysis community. In addition to developing, supporting, and marketing the Gridgen product family, the company is involved in numerous research and software development projects related to numerical grid generation. Further information on Gridgen can be obtained from Pointwise's World Wide Web home page www.pointwise.com.

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