Pointwise Introduces Gridgen Version 10

RENO, NV (9 January 1995) – Today, at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics' (AIAA) Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, John Chawner and John Steinbrenner, the developers and driving force behind the Gridgen software, announced the formation of Pointwise, Inc. The new company's goal is to bridge the gap between designers and analysts by producing and supporting high quality grid generation software and services. Pointwise, Inc. today also announced the availability of Gridgen Version 10, the latest release of its popular structured grid generator that couples a visually oriented user interface with robust and richly featured grid generation techniques. Building upon Gridgen's reputation as a user's grid generator, V10 eliminates 50% of the overhead of previous versions by consolidating the entire Gridgen system into two codes while also expanding the available feature set.

"Gridgen users have come to expect leading edge grid technology formulated as user-friendly tools," said John Chawner, Pointwise's president. "V10 continues this trend while also providing a cost effective alternative."

Gridgen is used by scientists and engineers who perform numerical simulations such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Gridgen serves as a bridge between computer aided design (CAD) and computational analysis (CA) software by providing a suite of tools with which the space on and around a CAD-designed product can be discretized. The discretization, comprised of quadrilateral and hexagonal grid cells, is then used as the basis on which the CA software computes the flowfield properties (e.g., temperature, velocity). Gridgen provides tools for working with IGES geometry models; for curve, surface, and volume grid creation and modification; for applying transfinite interpolation and elliptic partial differential equation grid methods; and for compatibility with several analysis codes.

Gridgen V10 is available for Silicon Graphics workstations with 24 bit-plane hardware. The software is priced from $5,000 for a perpetual, right-to-use license. Consulting and other grid generation services are also available.

Pointwise, Inc. is a developer of software for the computational sciences specializing in grid generation. From its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, the company delivers grid generation technologies and services to technical and scientific professionals.

Beta Site Contacts: Mr. Mike Fletcher, NASA Ames Research Center, (415) 604-5923; Mr. Gerald Paynter, The Boeing Company, (206) 234-3615.

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