Computational geometry access
MeshLink Computational Geometry Access Documentation


The MeshLink library contains functions for import of geometry-mesh association data, import of computational geometry and querying, point projection, and evaluation of computational geometry.

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Public API

     All public function header files are located in the meshlink/src/h directory.

Public Intrinsic Data Types

     All public types are declared in Types.h.

Public C++ Classes

MeshAssociativity - Container for all mesh-geometry associativity information.
GeometryGroup - Container for geometry association by GID to geometry kernel entities.
GeometryKernel - Base class for geometry kernel interface.
MeshLinkParser - Base class for MeshLink data parser interface.
MeshLinkWriter - Base class for MeshLink data writer interface.

Mesh Topology
     Mesh topology refers to 1D, 2D, and 3D constructs within the mesh heirarchy.
     MeshTopo: Base class for mesh topology and entity classes.
     MeshString: A 1D collection of mesh edges. A Mesh String may reference one or more geometry curves.
     MeshSheet: A 2D collection of mesh faces. A Mesh Sheet may reference one or more geometry surfaces.
     MeshModel: A 3D mesh volume. A Mesh Model is a container for Mesh String and Mesh Sheet elements used in the definition of the volume mesh.

Mesh Entity
     Mesh entity refers to 0D, 1D, and 2D constructs within the mesh connectivity.
     MeshPoint: A mesh point.
     ParamVertex: Parametric geometry information associated with a MeshPoint.
     MeshEdge: A 1D mesh element. Typically referencing 2 MeshPoints.
     MeshFace: A 2D mesh element. Typically referencing 3 or 4 MeshPoints.

Public C Functions

     All public C functions are declared in MeshAssociativity_c.h.

API Test Harness

     A C++ test harness and programming reference is available in app/harness_cpp/main.cxx.
     A C test harness and programming reference is available in app/harness_c/main.c.