Pointwise uses two axis systems for view manipulation: the screen axes and the body coordinate axes (shown below). The screen axes are always aligned with the plane of your computer monitor's screen. The axes for this coordinate system are not shown in the display because they are fixed. Screen-X always points to the right in the plane of the screen, screen-Y always points up, and screen-Z always points out of the screen toward you, the user.


Tip: Model view manipulations can be performed using the mouse and keyboard. The simplest action for rotations is using Ctrl+RMB. See Gui, Interaction.

View, Interaction Axes
Pointwise makes use of two coordinate systems for view manipulations.

The body coordinate axes represent the 3-dimensional coordinate system in which your database and grid are defined. The command View, Show XYZ Axes, will enable the display of the body coordinate axes in blue at the origin of the database/grid system. The red rotation axes drawn in the Display window represents the center of rotation within the body coordinate system. Be aware that the location of the rotation axes is not necessarily the origin of the body coordinate system. You can move this center of rotation at any time by using Ctrl+Shift+Right Mouse. To see what model manipulations are available based on the screen or body coordinate axes, see Gui, Interaction, Model manipulation.