Customize the visibility of Pointwise's top-level Panels using the Panels menu. Selecting a panel from this menu will add it to the list of visible Panels and make the active panel. The active panel is the panel that is currently displayed.


Note: When a Panel is activated, it may change the selection mechanism used in the Display window. For example, when the Frameworks panel is active, frameworks are selectable from the Display — not grid entities.

View, Panels
The Panels submenu is used to change the visibility of Pointwise's top-level Panels.

Panels may be opened or closed as necessary. A Panel may be closed by clicking the the red X icon associated with the panel (the icon is highlighted in the image below). However, the icon will only appear on the Panel that is currently active.

View, Panels
The active panel panel includes a X icon that may be used to close the panel.