Fidelity Pointwise provides a software development kit (SDK) for writing custom CAE exporter plugins. With this technology, you are able to have complete control over the export of a grid from Fidelity Pointwise.

When your CAE exporter plugin is added to your Fidelity Pointwise installation, a new solver option will appear automatically in the Cae, Select solver command panel of Fidelity Pointwise's graphical user interface and also in the list of solver names returned by the pw::Application getCAESolverNames Glyph command.

Once you have selected your CAE solver plugin and created your grid, the File, Export, Cae command will pass control of the grid export to your plugin. See also the Glyph commands pw::Application setCAESolver, pw::Application begin CaeExport, and pw::CaeExporter.

PWI_PLUGINS_SEARCH_PATH is an optional environment variable that can be set to specify additional directories containing plugins. If this environment variable is set, the System Info for Fidelity Pointwise dialog is updated to show the plugin directory search order.

System Info - Plugins Search Path
The System Info for Fidelity Pointwise dialog shows additional information about the plugin directory search order if the PWI_PLUGINS_SEARCH_PATH environment variable is set.

For more information, see the Fidelity Pointwise Plugin SDK documentation.

Support for plugins will be limited to the installation and configuration of the SDK.