The Add Script to Toolbar command opens a new dialog (shown below) which allows you to select an existing script which will be linked to a toolbar icon on the Script toolbar.

Script menu, Add Script to Toolbar
The Add Script dialog provides script browsing and selection, as well as icon choice to be used on the Script toolbar.

There are several script related details that must be specified before a script may be added to the toolbar. These details are described below:

Option Description
Filename The filename of the script that is to be saved to the toolbar. You may use the Browse button to search for a script. Importantly, only the script's path is stored by Fidelity Pointwise — not the script itself. Therefore, any changes made to the script after adding it to the toolbar will be reflected when the script is activated via the Script Toolbar.
Name The name associated with the script. This name will appear as a tooltip.
Type The script type will most commonly be Glyph. Other scripting languages can be supported via Script, Glyph server if you've configured other scripting languages to work with Fidelity Pointwise's Glyph Server.

At the bottom of the dialog, select an icon from Fidelity Pointwise's extensive palette of icons to use for your script on the Script toolbar. The chosen icon will appear on the toolbar with an overlaid paper scroll (an example is shown below) to indicate it is linked to a script.

A Glyph script scroll icon will be overlaid on your selected standard icon (left). Note that by default the script toolbar is snapped to the right of the Display window beneath the Show Commands Toolbar (right).