The System Info command displays a dialog with helpful information specifically about your system and installation. Much of the information found here can be useful when trying to resolve issues encountered running Fidelity Pointwise, and you may be asked to communicate some of this information when working with the Cadence Design Systems support team.

Help, System Info
The System Info for Fidelity dialog provides useful versions, server and graphics information related to your installation.

In the Fidelity Pointwise Info list you can find version information for all of the libraries incorporated into Fidelity Pointwise, but also listed is the location of the temporary files folder that Fidelity Pointwise uses. This location may be important if there are issues writing temporary files during execution of certain commands. In particular the Solve (Grid, Solve, Unstructured blocks) command for unstructured blocks uses this space to transfer volume point data to and from the isotropic tet mesher.

The License Server Info list provides your license server's hostID. This information is needed in order to create your Cadence credentials, which give you access to the Cadence Software Downloads and Cadence Customer Support portals.

The Your Machine's Info list provides your system's OS and version. Here there is also detailed information about your system's graphics card and drivers. This latter information is helpful in resolving issues in the way Fidelity Pointwise is being rendered or displayed on your workstation.

Finally, the Your Locale list provides information about your system's language and region.