Fidelity Pointwise implements a general noun-verb approach to entity-command use. In other words, you will generally select the entity or entities that you wish to operate on first, then you will select the command you wish to use from the Command Menus, a toolbar, or using an shortcut.

There are some commands that operate on existing entities which can be used without having previously selected any entities, such as Grid, Dimension. These commands often allow continuous selection from within the command, and may implement automatic selection masking (refer to the Selection Methods section for more information). For instance, when using Grid, Dimension, selection is automatically masked so that only connectors can be selected when this command panel is open.

Other commands are more global in nature and can be used regardless of selection, such as File, Save, Edit, Undo or Create, 2 Point Curves. Exiting from a command such as this will restore the selection set that existed when the command was initiated.


Note: Fidelity Pointwise's scripting language, Glyph2, reflects how interactions occur within the graphical user interface (GUI). It also uses a noun-verb interaction method in which you first select an entity (noun), and then choose an action to apply (verb).


How to Perform Selections in Fidelity Pointwise