The Inactivity Detection feature in Fidelity Pointwise causes the screen to dim if both of the following occur for at least 5 minutes:

  • There is no user interaction (e.g. mouse movement or minimizing/maximizing the window)
  • There is no core command running (e.g. T-Rex).

Note: If inactivity is detected for at least an hour, Fidelity Pointwise may return the license to the license pool depending on the license server configuration. Once the session becomes active again, a new license will be checked out, if one is available. Please refer to the FlexNet Licensing section of this User Manual for more information related to the FlexNet license workflow.

Once activity has been detected again (either by interacting with the GUI or by running a core command), the screen brightens and Fidelity Pointwise becomes active again.

GUI dims when Fidelity Pointwise is inactive.
The GUI dims when Fidelity Pointwise becomes inactive for more than 5 minutes.