Voxel Blocks

A homogeneous selection of voxel blocks allows direct entry to the 3D voxel solver, when Grid, Solve is selected. Any connectors and/or database entities also selected will be ignored.

Voxel Block Grid, Solve Panel
Use the tools in the voxel solver panel to define how the selected voxel blocks should be initialized.

Voxel blocks are created by specifying the Voxel cell type in the following commands: Build Refinement, Automatic Volume Mesh, and Draw Shapes (if an overset assembler has been selected).

Voxel blocks are a special type of block that contain only Cartesian-aligned cells (i.e. voxel cells). Any voxel cells that contain mid-edge nodes are then subdivided into tetrahedra and pyramids, resulting in a hex-dominant block.


Caution: The Voxel block type created by the Build Refinement command does not use the selected domains to form interior faces. Instead, they are used to provide location and size field references that the block can be refined towards. If you need a block that both contains voxels and contains an interior face (i.e. domains that form a surface mesh), use the Automatic Volume Mesh command to create an Unstructured Voxel block instead.

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