Unstructured Voxel Blocks

A homogeneous selection of unstructured voxel blocks allows direct entry to the 3D unstructured voxel solver when Grid, Solve is selected. Any connectors and/or database entities also selected will be ignored.

Unstructured Voxel Block Grid, Solve Panel
Use the tools in the 3D unstructured solver panel to define how the selected unstructured voxel blocks should be initialized.
Unstructured voxel blocks are a special type of voxel block that combine the benefits of both unstructured and voxel blocks: the ability to interface with and grow T-Rex layers off of surface domains while still using hierarchical Cartesian cells (i.e. voxel cells) to fill the remainder of the volume. This type of block can be created by choosing the Voxel cell type in the Automatic Volume Mesh command.

Note: Unstructured Voxel blocks allow the voxel cells to interface directly with the surface domains and/or T-Rex front. Therefore, this type of block can contain all of the supported volume cell types (i.e. tetrahedra, pyramids, prisms, and hexahedra). On the other hand, Voxel blocks contain only hierarchical Cartesian cells (i.e. voxel cells).

The Solve panel offers the same controls for Unstructured Voxel blocks as it does for Unstructured blocks, with a couple of key differences:

For more on Unstructured Voxel blocks, refer to the relevant sections of the Unstructured block solver provided below: