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Solve is used to initialize and improve grid quality of unstructured domains, structured domains, unstructured blocks, structured blocks, and voxel blocks.

A homogeneous selection of any of these five entity types will allow entry directly to the solver when Solve is selected from the Grid menu. Any connectors and/or database entities also selected will be ignored. A heterogeneous selection of the above five entity types will place you into an intermediate selection panel (shown in the figure below) when Solve is selected from the Grid menu. Simply click the icon for the type you wish to solve at this time.

Select Solver Panel
Select which entity type you wish to solve from the intermediate selection panel.

Note: If a mixed set of structured, unstructured, or voxel entities is selected for the Solve command, an intermediate panel is provided to allow you to choose which type to work on. The remaining entities will be ignored.

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