Distribute (Ctrl+G)

The Distribute command is used to control the manner in which grid points are positioned along connectors. This is done through specifying spacings at connector breakpoints and choosing a distribution function that determines how the spacing varies between breakpoints.

Select the connector or connectors for distribution adjustment before opening the Distribute panel. The Distribute panel allows selection of a subset of spacing constraints, breakpoints, and subconnectors from within the command, so very tailored distribution changes can be made on the current selection of connectors.


Tip: Choosing the Equal type distribution function unconstrains the connector end spacings and sets the distribution function to Tanh, resulting in equally spaced grid points. Refer to the Functions section for further information about distribution functions.

The Distribute command is broken into four tabbed functions: Spacing for setting spacing constraints, Functions for specifying subconnector distribution functions, Break Points for defining break points and implicitly subconnectors, and Dimension for moving grid points among subconnectors. Each of these tabs will be discussed in detail below.

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