Apply T-Rex applies a T-Rex boundary condition of type Wall, Angle, Aspect Ratio, Max. Aspect Ratio, or Adjacent Grid to a set of pre-selected connectors and automatically refines any associated unstructured domains. The Adjacent Grid boundary condition type is automatically applied to those pre-selected connectors that are adjacent to structured domains. On the other hand, the Wall, Angle, Aspect Ratio, or Max. Aspect Ratio boundary condition type is applied to all other pre-selected connectors, depending on which of these types has been selected in the T-Rex Boundary Conditions frame inside the Defaults panel. Furthermore, the specified default value for the wall spacing, angle, or aspect ratio is used when refining the unstructured domains.

To use this functionality, simply pre-select the appropriate connectors and then select the Apply T-Rex command from either the Grid menu or the Grid toolbar.


Note: The domains associated with the selected connectors must already have T-Rex layer and growth attributes assigned (see T-Rex for domains for more about 2D T-Rex attributes). Otherwise, the connectors will not be updated. If Max. Layers is set to 0 (zero) for any associated domain, it will not be refined.


Automatic T-Rex Boundary Condition

Automatically Apply 2D T-Rex