Apply T-Rex applies either a Wall or Adjacent Grid T-Rex BC to selected connectors and automatically refines any associated unstructured domains. Simply select connectors and use Create, Apply T-Rex or use the Apply T-Rex toolbar command directly on the Grid toolbar. A Wall BC will be applied to the selected connectors and the default value for wall spacing will be used when refining the unstructured domains. The Adjacent Grid BC will be applied when a selected connector is adjacent to a structured domain. The Apply T-Rex command is only available when one or more dimensioned connectors are selected.


Note: The domains associated to the selected connectors must already have T-Rex layer and growth attributes assigned (see T-Rex for domains for more about 2D T-Rex attributes). Otherwise, the connectors will not be updated. If Max. Layers is set to 0 (zero) for any associated domain, it will not be refined.