The Import, Sources command allows you to import PCD format files which should include XYZ point data and can also include a target spacing and decay for each point. Files can be ASCII, binary, and binary compressed with formatting determined automatically.

If spacing and decay are not included, they can be specified manually after import. However, in this case, the source type will automatically be set to constant. If default values for Spacing and Decay have been set in the Defaults panel, they will be applied. See Grid, Sources for more information.

After selecting File, Import, Sources, a file browser will be presented prompting you to navigate to the folder containing your PCD file.

A detailed description of the third-party PCD format can be found in the Point Cloud Library. It is important to keep in mind that Fidelity Pointwise only recognizes the x, y, z, spacing, and decay single-valued floating point values. All other values in the PCD file will be silently ignored. A sample PCD format is show in the image below.

PCD Format
A sample PCD file containing four source points each with their respective spacing and decay values. This file also contains two fields that will be silently ignored by Fidelity Pointwise: multival_X3 (3 values) and multival_X2 (2 values).