The Import, Overset command, in conjunction with the File, Export, Overset command, allows you to manually transfer the grid system to your overset assembler platform, run the assembler, and load the results back into Fidelity Pointwise without using the overset interface available via the Grid, Overset command.

After selecting File, Import, Overset, a file browser will be presented prompting you to navigate to the case folder containing the overset assembler data. Simply select the folder to import the overset data into Fidelity Pointwise.

Note that if no block is pre-selected, this command will load all the overset data contained in the folder. Furthermore, a pop-up dialog will be presented indicating that overset data for "n" blocks will be imported; with "n" being the number of blocks in your current instance of Fidelity Pointwise. On the other hand, if a subset of blocks is pre-selected, the command will only import the overset data corresponding to those blocks.


Caution: The File, Import, Overset command can be used to read in overset data generated by the current overset assembler (Grid, Overset, Attributes) only if the input data used by the assembler to perform the hole cutting operation was originally written out from Fidelity Pointwise via the File, Export, Overset command.