The Import, Database command allows you to import geometry data into Pointwise.

Note that you can also import database files by simply dragging and dropping the appropriate file into the Display window.


Note: Each trimmed surface imported from geometry data will automatically be put into a quilt and the original trimmed surface will be hidden. When importing an IGES or native CAD file, the Import Database panel will provide additional import settings. See File, Import, Database, Import options for more details.


Tip: Pointwise attempts to autodetect the attributes of the file you wish to import based on its extension. To make import go more quickly, you may want to check our supported format tables to ensure you are using one of the extensions that Pointwise looks for.

Supported database file formats are summarized in the table below. Press the button to show the table.

File Type Extension Version
ACIS SAT .sat All versions > R27
CATIA V4 .model
All versions
R10 > R29
Creo .prt, .prt.*
.asm, .asm.*
.xas, .xpr
13 > Creo 6
13 > WF5
EGADS .egads
Gridgen .dba 15
Gridgen Style Network .net
IGES .igs
NMB .nmb 5.15.1
Nastran .nas 69
NX Unigraphics .prt V11.0 > NX CR
Parasolid XT .x_t
All versions > V28
Patran .pat 2.5 (only packet 2, types 3 and 5)
Pro/ENGINEER .prt, .prt.*
.asm, .asm.*
.xas, .xpr
13 > Creo 5
13 > WF5
Segment .dat
SolidWorks .sldprt
All versions > 2019
STEP .stp
AP203, AP214, AP242
STL .stl
UCD .ucd
UGRID .ugrid
VRML .wrl
1.0, 20.0
Xpatch .facet 3.0

For more on importing database files, choose an option below:


Geometry Cleanup on Import

File I/O Using Drag and Drop