The Export, Database command allows you to export database data from Fidelity Pointwise.

The entities that you have selected via either the List panel or the Display window determine the file formats that will be available for export. For example, if a database model is selected before using the Export, Database command, only file types that support database models will be displayed.

Supported database file formats are summarized in the table below. Press the button to show the table.

File Type Extension Version
Gridgen .dba 15
IGES .igs
Nastran .nas 69
NMB .nmb 5.15.1
Patran .pat 2.5 (Only packets 2, 32, and 33)
Segment .dat
Stanford PLY .ply
STL .stl
UCD .ucd
VRML .wrl 1.0, 2.0
VRML97 .wrl
Wavefront OBJ .obj
Xpatch .facet 3.0

For more on exporting database files, choose an option below: