The Extrema tab provides tabular information about the maximum, minimum and average function values among all the entities currently selected for Examine.

Shown with the maximum and minimum function values are the entity which contains the maximum or minimum, the XYZ coordinates of the cell, and the IJK location. The XYZ coordinates represent the centroid of the cell. The IJK is the minimum for the cell. For the average function value, only the value itself is displayed.

Use the Extrema tab to get information about the minimum, maximum and average examine function values. This figure shows the Extrema tab panel for a volume grid (left) and for a surface grid (right).

A very powerful set of tools at the bottom of the Extrema tab panel are the Max: Show and Min: Show toggles. They are used to have the cells corresponding to the maximum and minimum values of the current examine function rendered in the Display window in wireframe style with nodes. Additionally, you can zoom up on either cell automatically using the appropriate Zoom command.


Tip: Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to view problem cells since they are often quite small relative to the overall mesh. Use the Extrema tab commands Zoom to Minimum and Zoom to Maximum to automatically zoom up on these cells which are usually part of the problem set.

When examining database constrained surface grids, additional zoom options for both the maximum and minimum extrema values, Zoom and Align, will allow you to zoom to the desired extrema cell and align the view orientation with the normal to the underlying database surface. You can easily restore your previous view using the Recall Dynamic View toolbar button or from View, Manage Views.