The Untrim command requires selection of a single database quilt. This command allows selective removal of trimming curves from the boundary or interior of the quilt. One common use of this command would be to de-feature a quilt with details unnecessary for the meshing project at hand.

Use the Untrim command to remove edges from quilts.

After selecting entities and entering the command, you are in secondary selection for curve loops to be removed from the trimming definition of the selected quilts. Click Untrim once the desired loops have been selected. Toggle on Outer Loop Selectable to be able to remove curves from the definition of the outer boundary of the quilts. Toggle on Lamina Edges Only to select only free edge curves.

Use the Min. Length field to enter a reference value representing the minimum feature size you wish to maintain in the quilt’s trimming definition. Click Select All Short Loops to immediately select all loops smaller than the Min. Length and quickly defeature a quilt. Click OK to save all of the untrimmed quilts and exit the command, or click Apply to save the current untrimmed quilts and be able to continue untrimming quilts in the Display window. Click Cancel to exit the command without saving any changes.