The Transform command allows you to change database and grid entities position through the application of a mathematical transformation.

The five commands available through the Transform command change an entity’s shape through the application of a mathematical transformation. These commands are also available through the Paste command.

The first three commands, Translate, Scale and Stretch, allow you to either specify an offset or define a transformation vector (see the Define a Vector section) by using tools within the command’s panel, picking within the Display window, or a combination of both.


Note: Most of the transformations that occur within Fidelity Pointwise use a vector. Since transformations are such a basic and often used function, make sure to familiarize yourself with the many methods for defining a vector.

It is important to note that transformations can affect the grid points interior of a domain or block. Transformations are applied to each individual grid point to obtain its new location. Stretching and scaling transformations can often result in grid point distributions that cannot be replicated by any of the grid methods.

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Entity Transformations in Fidelity Pointwise