The Edit Note command provides several tools for modifying the text and location of a note.

Note Panel
The Edit Note panel provides options for editing a selected note.

Select the note you wish to edit, then Edit, Note. The anchor point, which marks the start of the text, will appear as a bold yellow square in the Display window.

The anchor point appears in the lower left corner of the first character of the note when it is selected for editing.

Use one of the following methods to specify a new location for this note:

  • Left-click on the anchor point and drag it to a new location.
  • Enter the new anchor point coordinates in the XYZ text field.

You can modify the text string in the Text input box and reset the Font, Size or Style (i.e., Bold, Italic and Underline) if necessary. Click OK to save the modified note and close the panel. The options within the Advanced frame are already described in the Notes section.

Use the Advanced attributes to redefine the orientation and layout of a note.